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MAXON Technology

MAXON Technology

Shear Layer Stabiliztion

MAXON believes in responsible, intelligent use of energy to produce a better quality of life for everyone, worldwide. We invest in innovative technology and the best combustion minds to deliver clean, efficient solutions for our customers. MAXON products feature robust technology, delivered in a practical way, because it's the responsible thing to do for the environment and the population.

MAXON develops products that efficiently use fuels while minimizing emissions. The story only begins there. Our technology also integrates intelligent control of combustion to optimize production processes by eliminating losses attributed to environmental changes, control decay, wear, and human error. We offer advanced combustion control products to meet tomorrow's challenges today.

MAXON technology also protects the world's most precious resources... people. With durable, reliable shut off valve technology, MAXON provides uncompromising protection for personnel and plants. At MAXON, safety components aren't a commodity. You get only the best technologies to meet a consistent goal of zero failures for fuel shut off.

Here are just a few examples of MAXON technology in action:

  • Shear Layer Stabiliztion
  • The M-PAKTTM Ultra Low Emissions burner boasts some of the world's lowest levels of NOx and CO for process heating. M-Pakts are being used to directl y dry and bake food products without contamination prompting a substantial efficiency gain over indirect heating.

  • SMARTFIRE® Combustion Control systems are saving fuel world wide in over 150 installations with burners from 1.5 to 180 MMBTU per hour. Fuel savings have been documented as much as 26% by ensuring optimal burner operation and adjustment without human intervention.

  • CROSSFIRE® Low NOx Line burners are installed on some of the worlds largest, most advanced paper machines for tissue and non-woven goods. They are specified as the best technology by some the industry's biggest companies because they produce extremely low NOx, outstanding temperature uniformity, and outstanding reli ability.

  • OXYTHERM® LEFF burners are making container glass, flat gl ass, lighting products, and steel products while dramatically increasing efficiency over air/gas firing. The patented staged oxygen designs have proven to be some of the lowest emissions burner available for thermally intensive processes.