Low NOx Burners

SMARTFIRE® Intelligent Combustion Control System

SMARTFIRE® Combustion Systems are a turnkey, mass flow air / fuel ratio control system for use with MAXON's natural gas and oxygen fired industrial burners. It is especially designed for use with low-emission applications like our OPTIMA SLS®, KINEDIZER®, CYCLOMAX®, OXY-THERM® burners. This combustion system is comprised of five components that integrate easily with a conventional burner management system and pipe train.

The SMARTFIRE® Combustion System maintains fuel efficiency over the entire operating range of the burner by providing precise electronic control of air and fuel flow to the burner. This combustion equipment automatically compensates for changes in combustion or process conditions with full cross-limited ratio control which maximizes burner performance and ensures a highly repeatable heat source.

SMARTFIRE® combustion systems provide real-time information about combustion and process system performance, as well as optional data logging and remote monitoring. In most cases, reduced fuel bills, emissions compliance, and maximized uptime on critical industrial heating equipment can all be contributed to the installation of the SMARTFIRE®.


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