Electro-Mechanical Oil Shut-Off Valves


MAXON's Electro-Mechanical Shut-Off Valves are ideally suited for reliable shut off of various liquids. MAXON valves require only a power source from your burner management system or DCS. MAXON valve operating pressures and valve Cv's are among the highest available in the industry meaning you can move more fuel in smaller size valves than competitive products.

At MAXON, valve durability and safety are our highest priority. As the critical shut down component in a burner system, there's no value in installing cheaper valves. No soft seats or aluminum bodies will be found in MAXON valves. Only iron and steel make up our bodies. Valve seats are micro-lapped metals. MAXON gas valves ensure positive sealing with our trademark durability. Insist on MAXON shut off valves for your safety-critical combustion systems.

General Purpose Valves 

NI Series Hazardous Area