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Electronic Mass Flow Control Ratio & Flow Control Gas Valves

Common ratio control systems are plagued with the performance shortcomings. Impulse pressure regulators, mechanically linked valves, and jack shaft arrangements are loaded with control lag, dynamic error, wear and hysterisis. In simple terms, slop in your fuel/air ratio control is costing you money on your fuel bill.

When your production line relies on critical industrial heating equipment, downtime on a dryer, oven, furnace or oxidizer can cripple your productivity and cost you money. With lean manufacturing, not many companies have excess capacity on expensive thermal processing equipment.

Instead of paying through the nose, get SMART! MAXON's SMARTFIRE™Intelligent Combustion Control System is an automated fuel/air ratio control system that provides precise thermal mass flow control of your critical burner systems. SMARTFIRE™ does more than control your industrial burner. This flow control valve provides positive assurance of up-time while maximizing efficiency with environmental compliance. In average installations, SMARTFIRE™ has operated critical burner systems up to 7 years with any maintenance while reducing the owner fuel bill, even in California's emissions critical South Coast Air Quality Management District.

Contact MAXON today for information on the benefits of SMARTFIRE™ flow control valves with your critical industrial heating processes.

SMARTFIRE™ Intelligent Combustion Control System
SMARTFIRE™ Intelligent Combustion Control System