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Tour of MAXON


Everyone at MAXON is interested in the success of our customers. In all the departments of our company, the common goal is to meet or exceed your expectations each and every time we work for you. Below are few of the people who help make some of the world's best combustion equipment and deliver it in a practical way to your door. Please take a minute to see how we're working towards your successes.

MAXON Corporation services our customer's needs with superior products and practical solutions. To ensure your success, our sales staff is comprised of degreed engineers experienced in combustion, heat transfer, fluid dynamics and controls. Our courteous, professional staff stands ready to help you successfully complete your heating projects with innovative solutions that save you time and money.

MAXON sales engineers are located in 19 factory-direct offices world wide. In 61 other locations, our expert trained sales representatives provide the same level of service and support around the globe.

Combustion isn't a commodity. Today, too many deep technical issues plague manufacturers with heating processes to think of combustion systems as a price driven commodity. In most cases, operating costs far outweigh the initial cost to purchase equipment. MAXON supplies combustion solutions to reduce operating costs with technological efficiency advancements.

At MAXON, technology for optimal efficiencies and reduced emissions drives our engineering efforts. We invest heavily every year in operation of one of the world's most capable combustion laboratories. Through investments in research and some of the most experienced combustion engineers and control engineers, we provide superior products with practical solutions.

The following are just a few of measures of our dedication to superior engineered products:

  • MAXON's test lab is CSA certified to perform valve testing. It is equipped with advanced testing equipment like automated data collection systems and environmental test chambers that allow us test valves under extreme conditions of heat, cold and humidity.
  • MAXON burner engineers use advanced fluid dynamic and heat transfer analysis software to ensure burner and valve products perform to your expectations
  • All MAXON burners are tested with the most advanced chemilluminescent emissions analyzers. No low grade chemical cell systems are used to qualify the protection of our environment.
  • Globally all MAXON products are engineered in 3-D modeling software integrated closely with production. This provides more accurate engineering prints and reduces errors in production.
  • MAXON maintains over 120 active patents in the United States, Europe, South America, and Asia.
In addition to superior products, MAXON engineering also serves customers with superior application knowledge and system design. For industries where a complete solution is required, MAXON's extensive experience in combustion design and code compliance is used to produce engineered burner packages, fuel skids and complete heater sections.

Superior technology isn't enough. MAXON sets aggressive goals to meet or exceed our customers' expectations, in every regard. With highly-dedicated production personnel and modern production facilities, we deliver quality burners, valves, controls and combustion systems to our customers all over the globe.

The following are just a few examples of how our production areas contribute to our customers' successes:


  • Standard product leadtimes are typically 10-15 working days, which is a 50% reduction from just a few years ago
  • Quick ship spare or replacement part orders usually ship the same-day
  • MAXON ships nearly 97% of all customer orders on time as promised
  • MAXON's workforce is highly flexible and cross-trained to meet ever-changing customer demands
  • Each and every employee is responsible for the quality of work that they do
  • Customer satisfaction is the core of MAXON's quality policy, and various metrics are used to drive continual improvement in all areas including production
  • Most of our machined parts are run on CNC machines to achieve better process control and repeatability
  • Various inspection and/or testing steps are performed per documented procedures and instructions
Quality Assurance
To ensure superior products and services for our customers, MAXON's corporate office and principal manufacturing facility achieved ISO 9001 registration in 1993. We operate this stringent quality management system where employees, supervisors, managers and vendors are empowered to stop work for quality concerns. In 2002, MAXON upgraded its system to meet the ISO 9001:2000 standard that focuses heavily on customer satisfaction, process effectiveness, and continual improvement.

In our Quality Department, MAXON utilizes advanced techniques and equipment like our Wenzel LH108 coordinate measuring machine and our highly-integrated quality system software. Incoming material and certain in-process components are inspected in our Quality Lab per documented inspection plans. Detailed inspection records are linked to formal corrective actions involving our suppliers or internal processes. All inspection, measuring and test equipment used throughout the facility are calibrated regularly by the Quality Department. Frequent assessments of our vendors and internal processes help ensure that MAXON products consistently meet or exceed your expectations.

Accounting / Purchasing / Information Services
At MAXON, our first priority is to meet or exceed your expectations each and every time we work for you. This customer focus runs through every department of our company because we're only successful when you succeed.

MAXON's dedicated Accounting staff and Purchasing staff are working hard to control costs. In Purchasing, we run a progressive vendor management program to monitor and rate vendors for quality and delivery. We do this to make sure MAXON delivers maximum value to our customers with fair prices and on time, quality deliveries.

To keep our people running efficient and available to you, MAXON's Information Services department invests in leading technology software, hardware, and communications systems. IS runs a fully automated business system, global network servers, email systems, and advanced high speed communications systems all for the sole purpose of remaining available and responsive to our customers.