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Industries Served

MAXON offers one of the most diverse lines of industrial combustion equipment for industry. We have practical solutions for gas, oil, dual fuel, waste fuels, and bio fuels. From raw material processing to finished goods packaging, Maxon has products for most every industrial heating need.

Below are just a few of the industries and applications we service.

  • Automotive: Ovens, washers, air heaters, oxidizers, and boilers
  • Building Materials: Dryers, kilns, ovens, calciners, and boilers
  • Chemical: Dryers, heaters, boilers, process and control valves
  • Container: Ovens, furnaces, dryers, and air heaters
  • Glass: Furnaces, forehearths, fuel skids, and controls
  • Petrochemical/Refining: Heaters, reboilers, fuel valves and control skids
  • Plastics: Thermoformers, flame laminators, and ovens
  • Printing: Dryers, oxidizers, and controls
  • Pulp and Paper: Yankees, dryers, control skids, and oxidizers
  • Food Processing: Dryers, ovens, washers, fryers, and controls
  • Textiles: Dryers, predryers, and oxidizers